ARTM Fare Changes

June 27, 2024

    The Montreal-area regional transit authority, ARTM, is implementing a revised fare structure effective July 1, bringing an average price increase of 3% across various ticket and pass categories. Here are the key changes you need to know:

    Monthly Pass Increases:

    • Zone A (Island of Montreal): The monthly pass will now cost $100, up from $97.
    • Zone AB (Montreal to Laval or Longueuil): The monthly pass will rise to $160, from the previous $155.
    • Zone ABC (Montreal to North and South Shores): The new cost will be $196, an increase from $190.
    • Zone ABCD (including areas outside the ARTM territory): The fare will climb to $271, up from $263.

    Single Ticket and Package Adjustments:

    • Single Bus or Metro Pass (Island of Montreal): The price remains steady at $3.75.
    • 10-Ticket Package: This will see a slight increase of 75 cents, bringing the total to $33.25.

    Fare Adjustments for Travel Beyond the Island of Montreal:

    • Single Fare for Zone AB: Now priced at $4.75, a 25-cent increase.
    • Single Fare for Zone ABC: Rising to $7, up by 25 cents.
    • Single Fare for Zone ABCD: The cost will now be $9.50, an increase of 25 cents.

    Reduced-Fare Monthly Passes:

    • Zone A: The new price is $60.
    • Zone AB: The cost will rise to $96.
    • Zone ABC: The monthly fare will be $118.
    • Zone ABCD: The new price is set at $163.


    These fare adjustments are part of ARTM’s ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the quality of transit services across the Montreal area. While the increases may be modest, they are crucial for supporting the sustainability and improvement of the region’s public transportation network.