Public transportation will operate on weekends and Israel Railways will return its service starting June 8th

Dear Passengers, 

We have collected for you the main updates you should know regarding the renewal of public transportation.

Starting this weekend, May 15-16, city bus lines will return to service and operate during the weekend – Fridays and Saturday nights.

In addition, starting June 8th Israel Railways will return its service gradually. Full schedules will be published soon.

Updated guidelines regarding the use of public transportation:

  1. Every train passenger will be subject to a temperature check at the entrance of the train station
  2. At the train entrance, keep two meters distance between one another. Use the train will be prohibited for passengers with symptoms of sickness.
  3. Payment will be accepted by ‘Rav Kav’ card only and charging the card will be available at charging stations.
  4. Front rows in buses will continue to be taped off to prevent passengers occupying the seats.
  5. A maximum of 20 passengers will be allowed in every bus ride


Compensation for passengers who purchased a monthly ticket prior to COVID-19

Passengers who purchased a monthly ticket and weren’t able to use it due to COVID-19 restrictions on public transportation could choose their compensation from the following options: 1) A free half-monthly ticket, 2) A reduction of 50% when buying a new monthly ticket, or 3) 50% of the compensation value in the form of Accumulated value. The compensation stands for the second part of March when public transportation was restricted. Students will be given a two month period extension for their current subscription or 50% of this value in accumulated value. The Ministry of Transportation will announce the compensation method in the upcoming days.


Please follow the guidelines of the Ministries of Health and Transportation for your own health and safety as well as that of those around you.

Moovit is updated with the latest changes released by the Ministry of Transportation.

Safe travels! 🙂