Check your line’s service and schedule 🚍

June 4, 2020

    Dear passengers,

    Nowadays, with most COVID-19 public-transit changes behind us, we have collected a number of tips in order for you to be best prepared in advance when planning your next trip.

    Check if a line is active

    Tap the ‘Lines’ tab on the bottom of the screen to see all the active lines. Then, simply type the line number to see its full timetable. If your line is missing, it is apparently not active at the moment.

    Pay attention to service alerts 

    Easily find out about planned changes to your lines, and know about major disruptions along your route before planning your trip. After picking your trip’s start and finish points, you will get several suggested routes. If any of the lines along your route has a Service Alert – you will see the icon on the line number on the route preview.

    These changes are shown as different colored icons, beside the affected line:

    • Red: Severe change, usually no service in some of the stops or the entire line
    • Yellow: Moderate or minor changes
    • Blue: Other effects or notices from the transit agency

    Try tapping on these icons to get more information on the nature of these changes.


    Get notifications in advance

    If there is a line you regularly use, you can save it as a Favorite, and we will notify you of any Service Alerts you might have. Alternatively, once you tap on the colored icon by an affected line you can turn on the toggle “Notify me about future service alerts to my line” to add the line to your Favorites.


    Also, don’t forget to follow the guidelines of the Ministries of Health and Transportation for your own health and safety as well as that of those around you.


    Safe travels 🙂

    The Moovit Team