Back to School

Back to School With Moovit

August 28, 2019

The new school year is just around the corner, and we are here for you with all the relevant transportation updates 📓✏️🚌


👉🏽 School buses- Starting on the first of September, school buses will operate again 

👉🏽 Kavey Layla- Starting on the first of September, Kavey Layla will operate only on Thursdays and Saturdays

👉🏽 Reduced service in HaEmek train line- 

Starting on the first of September, the following trains will be canceled:

  • The train of 22:31 from Beit She’an station to Haifa Merkaz HaShmona station
  • The train of 23:31 from Beit’ She’an station to Haifa Hof HaCarmel station
  • The trains of 22:13 and 23:13 from Haifa Merkaz HaShmona station to Beit’ She’an station


School can be stressful- don’t add to the stress worrying about how to get there on time. Use Moovit to plan step-by-step directions to and from school. And as always, make sure you don’t miss your stop by using “Live Directions” for Get Off alerts. 


We wish you a great school year,

Moovit team