Public Transportation Updates

September 4, 2019

We’ve collected major transportation updates from around the country to share with you to guarantee a peaceful journey to your destination 


Israel vs North Macedonia football game (Thu)

Israel Football Association and Israel Railway co-operates in order to help you to get to the game:

🚐 Israel Football Association will operate free shuttles from Be’er Sheva North train station to the stadium and back:

  • From the train station: from 20:00 until the game begins
  • To the train station: at the end of the game

🚂 Israel Railway will be operating an additional train for your convenience:

  • Be’er Sheva North to Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz: The train will stop at Ofakim, Netivot, Ashkelon, Ashdod Ad Halom, Yavne West, Rishon Letziyon Moshe Dayan, Yoseftal, Tel Aviv HaHagana and Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz
  • Also, the train of 23:51 from Be’er Sheva to Tel Aviv Merkaz will stop also in Be’er Sheva North and Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz


🚧 Temporary suspension and changes in rail service in the South (Starting the night between Thu and Fri, to Sun 04:00 AM)

Friday 06.09:

  • Tel Aviv Hashalom station will be closed. Southbound and northbound rail service will terminate and begin at the Tel Aviv Savidor Central station.
  • Ashdod Ad Halom and Yavne East stations will be closed.
  • The trains in the western Be’er Sheva Center – Ashkelon – Tel Aviv HaHagana line, will operate between Be’er Sheva Merkaz – Ashkelon.
  • The trains between Ashkelon – Lod, will operate between Lod- Rehovot.
  • The night Trains between Be’er Sheva – Ashkelon – Tel Aviv HaHagna will not operate.
  • The trains from and to Holon, Bat Yam and Rishon LeTzyion West will operate once an hour.

Saturday night 07.09:

  • Ashdod Ad Halom and Yavne East stations will be closed.
  • The trains in the Ashkelon- Binyamina line, will operate between Rehovot- Binyamina.
  • The trains in Be’er Sheva Center- Ra’a’nana West line, will operate as follows:
    • Southbound: from/to Ashkelon station
    • Northbound: from/to Yavne West station
  • Night trains between Be’er Sheva – Ashkelon – Tel Aviv HaHagana, will not operate.


Free shuttles will be available on Saturday night: 

  • From Ashkelon station to Yavne West station: 22:15, 23:15, 01:00
  • From Yavne West station to Ashkelon station: 22:10, 23:10

The shuttles have been added to Moovit for your convenience.



Have a great weekend,

Moovit team