Leave your school better than when you started

September 4, 2017

    University Moovit Mapathon

    The University of Maryland’s Moovit Mapathon Project Leader confidently instructing the participants.

    Another school year is upon us. It’s a clean slate; an opportunity to think about your place on campus and in the world. What lasting impact would you like to have? What will your legacy be?

    One way that you can have a lasting impact is through enabling more efficient use of public transportation on your campus. Public transportation will play an increasingly significant role in mitigating some of the greatest crises facing our planet, including economic disparity, energy consumption, and climate change. Moovit is working hard to increase access to the public transportation ecosystem for all people all over the world– and now you can too.

    Moovit is the world’s largest transit data and analytics company and  #1 transit app in more than 1,500 cities in 77 countries and 43 languages. Moovit is enabling the future of urban mobility by empowering more than 200,000 people around the world to improve and hyper-localize public transit information in their cities. By drawing on the wisdom and skills of these local editors — we call them “Mooviters” — Moovit has become the Wikipedia of Transit. Learn more about us here.

    As students, your impact is greatest on campus. Your contributions are tangible and recognized by your fellow students. By mapping your campus shuttle, students will have access to information about their bus in one app anywhere they go. More about Moovit Mapathons can be found here.

    Past Moovit Mapathons have been a great success, and you don’t just need to take our word for it. The University of Maryland’s geography club hosted their own Moovit Mapathon in April of this year. MTVu covered the event. The clip can be found here. They used Moovit’s intuitive mapping platform that is used by Mooviters all over the world to plot stops, lines, and add in bus schedules. All of the UM transportation system is  available for all students in Moovit today. We invite you to check it out. Go to the Washington-DC-Baltimore Metro to take a look at the final product. You will notice that their campus transportation also displays real time updates, which is incredibly useful if your school offers it. To top it all off, we can design custom icons for your university bus so that it truly is something to be proud of. We have included screenshots from UM to show how impressive your shuttle system will look. Take this opportunity to make a lasting impact–oh, and get free food.

    You are invited to be a part of this global phenomenon. Join us in building a better future by hosting a Moovit Mapathon for Mooviters in your community. Learn new skills, contribute to your community, make a lasting impact. Sign up here.