Ban On Registration Of New Vehicles?

December 6, 2018
    The state government and the authorities in-charge of Bangalore city have been considering the proposal to ban registration of new vehicles in the city!!

    The city of Bangalore isn’t far behind when it comes to pollution and traffic levels. Owing to the presence of a large number of trees and plants, the air quality levels are still manageable. Banning all new vehicles registrations for a couple of years is one of the solutions to beat traffic and pollution.

    This however, would not last for a long time as the number of vehicles on the road is just increasing with every passing day. This is also leading to severe traffic problems. Many households use more than one four-wheeler even if there is no parking space for the vehicles and this further leads to more congestion.

    In June 2018, the Bangalore Transport Department had first proposed to ban registrations of new vehicles, but only if the buyer does not have a designated parking space so, the temporary ban on registration of new vehicles is just a thought at the moment and the government will consider other alternatives as well.

    The government seems to be trying to urge people to start using public transport and carpooling.It is for the very same reason that the government is also buying electric buses, so that public transport will be more efficient and have little or no pollution.

    Moovit wishes you happy and safe travelling!!




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