BART's Welcome Back Plan

January 6, 2022

    As more people are returning to BART, the agency created a Welcome Back Plan to outline what has changed and what you can expect when you ride.

     🚇 Near-Regular Service Has Returned

    • BART returned to near-regular service on August 2, 2021, to support the region and provide more frequent train service and a midnight closure Monday through Saturday.
    • Sunday service will continue to run at 30-minute frequencies and a 9 pm closure. BART has committed to improving Sunday service including returning to a midnight closure and adding more trains to the schedule in February 2022.

    🚇 New Stations

    • During the pandemic, BART extended service into Santa Clara County by opening two new stations, Berryessa/North San Jose and Milpitas. Berryessa is now the end of the Orange and Green lines and signs have been updated as “Berryessa” bound.

    🚇 Face Masks 

    • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has an active order requiring face masks at BART through at least March 18, 2022. This is even for those fully vaccinated. All stations systemwide have extra masks available at the station agent booths for those who need one to ride. All officers and ambassadors carry extra masks to hand out. Signs are displayed and frequent audio announcements are being made.

    🚇 Crowdedness

    • BART and all public transit are no longer subject to state physical distancing requirements and capacity restrictions. However, trains are not as crowded as they once were. Weekday ridership is at 28% of what it was before the pandemic and weekends are at 49% and we have significantly increased train frequency.

    🚇 Upgraded Air Filters & Industry Ventilation Best Practices

    • The air in BART cars is replaced every 70 seconds and is filtered prior to being dispersed through the window frame. The agency upgraded all the air filters in their HVAC systems with MERV-14 filters which can trap even smaller particles than the MERV-8 filters that were used previously. The EPA indicates a filter rating of MERV-13 or higher will filter out virus particles like coronavirus.
    • Even if your car is stuffy or hot because the HVAC system is experiencing a problem, the air is still being replaced every 70 seconds and is getting filtered. 
    • BART is also piloting a UV-light rod filter for even greater protection in the HVAC system.
    • Airflow in elevators: Elevators have significant air exchange by design compared to many indoor spaces and are required by code to have openings for ventilation. While riders are in an elevator for a very short duration- one minute or two, it is important to point out that fresh air is introduced every time the elevator door opens, and BART elevators include exhaust fans in the ceiling to increase ventilation.

    🚇 Increased Safety Staff

    • BART now has a historically high number of uniformed safety staff on platforms and on-board trains, including sworn officers, non-sworn personnel, fare inspectors, and our new ambassadors. The agency is also adding crisis intervention specialists to responding teams to help those experiencing homelessness or struggling with mental health or addiction. 

    Some safety tips while at BART:

    • Know your options to reach BART police quickly:  Text BART Police at 510-200-0992, call the police if there is an emergency at 510-464-7000, or use our free BART Watch app.  
    • Know your car number so you can help us respond to your car quickly. The car number is displayed inside and outside of all cars.  

    You Ride, We Guide.