Muni Route Modifications & Permanent Stop Relocations

January 27, 2022

    Changes are in effect for Muni’s 35 Eureka, 55 Dogpatch, and 14 Mission routes:

    35 – Eureka

    The outbound/southbound routing for the 35 Eureka uses 22nd Street to connect to Douglass Street, rather than 21st Street, to avoid having both inbound and outbound trips using the same street.

    The outbound stop at 21st St. & Douglass has been removed and replaced with a new stop at Eureka & 22nd.

    35 Eureka stop relocation map

    55 – Dogpatch

    The inbound/westbound route for the 55 Dogpatch has changed near the 16th St. BART terminal. Buses make a right turn off of 16th Street onto Mission, make the stop at Mission & 16th St., (northeast), then make a loop via 15th to Valencia to 16th. After making the stop at 16th St. & Mission, buses will begin their outbound/eastbound trip toward Dogpatch. Inbound 55 Dogpatch buses will no longer stop at Mission & 16th (southwest).

    55 Dogpatch Route Modification Map

    14 Mission & 14R Mission Rapid

    The inbound stop at Mission & 11th St. has permanently moved northeast across 11th Street to midblock between 11th and 10th streets in the bus-only lane in front of 1449 Mission Street.

    14/14R Stop Relocation Map


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