Airport Bus Interchange Discount Scheme

November 20, 2016

    From 19 November (Saturday), KMB & LWB launched an Octopus Bus-bus Interchange Discount Scheme.

    It is between LWB Airbus routes and KMB routes. Under the scheme, passengers can save up to HK$6.

    Passengers can enjoy a BBI discount when interchanging from any eligible KMB Routes to any LWB “A” routes (Airport-bound), or when interchanging from any LWB “A” routes (New Territories-bound) to eligible KMB routes. The discount is $6.0 ($3.0 for senior citizens aged 65 and over and children aged under 12) or the fare for the leg of the eligible KMB route, whichever is lower.

    Passengers can enjoy the BBI discount on the second leg route if they interchange within 2 hours of boarding on the first leg route, using the same Octopus card.

    Passengers who have already enjoyed a “KMB to KMB” interchange discount will also enjoy the up-to-$6 BBI discount when they interchange from the eligible KMB routes to LWB “A” routes. However, passengers who interchange from LWB “A” routes to eligible KMB routes will not be able to enjoy a “KMB to KMB” interchange discount on any trip that immediately follows.

    The LWB “A” routes comprise:

    • A31 (Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower)  ←→ Airport);
    • A31P (Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) ←→ Airport);
    • A33 (Tuen Mun Station  ←→ Airport);
    • A33P (Tuen Mun (Chung Uk Tsuen) ←→ Airport);
    • A36 (Long Ping Station ←→ Airport);
    • A37 (Hung Shui Kiu (Hung Yuen Road) ←→ Airport);
    • A41 (Sha Tin (Yu Chui Court)  ←→ Airport);
    • A41P (Wu Kai Sha Station  ←→ Airport);
    • A43 (Fanling (Luen Wo Hui)  ←→ Airport);
    • A43P (Fanling (Luen Wo Hui)  ←→ Airport);
    • A47 (Tai Po (Fu Heng) ←→ Airport) and
    • A47X (Tai Po Market Station ←→ Airport)

    Detailed concession terms, Click HERE

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