Become active part of Moovit!

April 25, 2023

    You can help in 1 minute!

    Communicate something crucial in your city!

    Just send us via this form more details, and we will review your alert, in order to communicate to everyone in the city or to a defined public the news.

    For example: if you are travelling on the subway and it get stuck, you can tell us, we will be able to spread a push notification message to all the users!

    Report us issues in the app!

    Send us information on any new route followed by a line, wrong positioning of a stop or mistaken information of a name. We work hard to have the best data, but sometimes something has changed in reality, but not updated by our provider. Click here to learn how to!

    Show to other users the status of a line or a stop!

    Around you is full of people travelling to their destinations thanks to Moovit! If you see something is not working at your stop or on your line, report it in the app! Hundreds of people will know something wrong is going on, avoiding the issue. Become a master reporter!

    Test the app in your city!

    Everything can be improved! You can play a leadership role and help thousands of people finding their route faster and in a more confortable way. Here some examples of tests feedback:

    • You might find an icon on the app can be better shown, in order to represent the bus stop properly for example
    • Some lines are displayed as valid alternatives, but they are not included in the standard fare’s ticket: we can create a special section in our tripplanner and show it separated!
    • No accessibility information is provided for defined transit stops, you can tell us which ones and we can map them!
    • Name of lines, their numbers, destination of the trips are not matching reality? We can improve here! Help us more

    How to share your feedback? Just fill this form

    Become a Mooviter!

    Map missing transit lines via our Editor

    We build a great tool to let you draw where lines run, defining their stops, times of travels and of course departures through the year, with execptions and holidays consiedred. It’s huge, you must try it out!

    Edit stop positions and their names

    When you see in the app there is data for many stops, but those are not accurate, you can improve them from here. Just tell us

    Add Service Alerts for the lines of your city!

    Have you ever wondered to be in the control room of your city? You can basically do that, via our tools! Click here to see how you can provide good information on each lines’s status in less than 15 minutes.


    (link to form with what and where you want to do – chose metro + chose experience: map, edit, add SA)

    Best Mooviters of the world become Ambassadors

    Become part of the club! You’ll be covered of Moovit gadgets and as Mooviter Community Ambassador you’ve assured for you a straight personal channel with the Moovit Team! This volountary help is also recognized with a recomandation letter from our Community Team!

    Lead local events

    If you reached this sections it means we fully thrust in you! Now you can host local events to aggregate other city experts like you are, and improve much more all together defining a mission with our team, getting fund for transit tickets and food and enjoy a great afternoon!

    Moderate local community

    Find out here if your area needs a moderator! You can help people who have just arrived on our editor tools to become a pro like you are, suggesting where to start and how to help improving the public transit experience in your city for thousands of people!

    Contact local agencies

    Moovit is always looking for good local partners, and our global team is available to meet any transit operator, local administration or territorial agency that might be interested in providing transit data or getting Moovit Solutions. With your help, as a local, this can be for sure easier!