Become a Community Ambassador for your city

November 20, 2016

    The Moovit Community Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity for people across the globe to create and maintain accurate information about public transport that would otherwise be unavailable. Below is an overview of the Program. Please note that this track is for current level 3 members of the Moovit Community. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador but are not yet a member of the Community or have not reached level 3 on the Community Editor, please click HERE.

    To be an Ambassador means you will

    • Play a pivotal role in mapping the public transportation routes in your city using the Moovit Community Editor (MCE)
    • Mentor and moderate new editors in your Community
    • Represent your Community: Be the point of contact with the Moovit Team in your city
    • Play an active role in spreading the word about the Moovit Community
    • Test the app and perfect data accordingly

    Ambassadors may also wish to

    • Organize social events for the local Community, such as meetups and any hangouts
    • Partake in the PR and Press events coordinated by Moovit
    • Assist with social media for the Community in your area
    • Translate the Moovit Community Platform (MCE) or suggest a Community member to do so

    Benefits of being a Community Ambassador

    • Do something amazing for your city and be part of reducing the world’s carbon footprint
    • Refine your leadership and communication skills
    • Receive special status within the Moovit Community
    • Connect your Community Ambassadorship to your professional growth: We’ll provide you with a recommendation letter and certificates to help your promote your skills
    • You may also add your Moovit Ambassadorship to your Linkedin and Email footers
    • Receive a special mention in the global Community newsletter
    • Receive surprise gifts and goodies from Moovit
    • Be a beta tester and provide feedback for new features of the app before anyone else
    • You may be invited to be part of  the official PR launch coordinated by Moovit and other partners

    The Ambassador personal profile and general requirements

    Moovit Community Ambassadors are motivated by doing good for their Communities, enthusiastic about public transport and encouraging others to use it. The Ambassador Program may be considered particularly relevant to people who would also like the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership and communication skills; but we encourage anyone to apply to the Program.

    Ambassadors should

    • Commit to a minimum of 10 hours per month to spend on Moovit Community activities
    • Be ready to become a master of the Moovit Community Editor (MCE) the Mapping platform that is used to map information for the app
    • Be happy to engage with, mentor and help grow their local Moovit Community
    • Be an active public transport user
    • Be familiar with the Moovit application
    • Commit to the Program for a minimum of 6 months
    • Be able to attend bi-monthly video sessions (once every 2 months)
    • Be happy to arrange the occasional social event for their Community

    Interested in becoming an Ambassador for your city?



    *You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

    Want to know a little more about being a Community Ambassador ? Carry on reading…

    If you are interested in becoming a Moovit Community Ambassador and your city is already on the app, please scroll down to Existing app cities and Community Ambassadors to see more details about the Ambassador role.

    Community Ambassadors and Launching their city on the app

    • Provide the Moovit Team with the necessary information needed to launch a  local service
    • Test the app and perfect data accordingly
    • Follow the best practice guidelines for the official launch of your city
    • Suggest and assist with coordinating a strategy for the Campus launch (relevant to students)
    • You may be invited to be part of the official launch coordinated by Moovit and press events
    • Optional: Impact others and share your experiences with your Community in a short interview with the Team

    After the launch of your city on the app, your Community will still need you!

    Existing app cities and Community Ambassadors

    Community Ambassadors for in-app cities are still responsible for

    City maintenance and expansion

    • Maintain and update routes, whenever information about changes in services becomes available, in a timely fashion
    • Decide and lead the expansion and improvement of services on the app, such as adding night lines and suburban lines
    • Moderate edits on the MCE in a timely fashion
    • Assist in resolving any mapping issues
    • Request updates to the app
    • Suggest improvements for the display of information on the app
    • Take on more geographic responsibility and become a Regional (County) or Country Community Ambassador