Tram 19: interruption entre 2 arrets

Public transport updates this week

July 4, 2024

    47N, 48, 505

    During the performance of works on the rehabilitation of the roadway of Vukasovićeva Street, on the part from Velizara Stanovića Street to Miljakovačka Street  in the period from 03.07 . from 09.00 a.m. to 23.07 202 . year , there will be changes in the operation of public transport lines. During the execution of the works, the section in question will be closed for traffic, and there will be changes in the operation of public transport lines, namely:

    – vehicles from line no. 48 and 47N will operate on a shortened route to the turnpike “Miljakovac 2”;

    – vehicles from line no. 505 will run in both directions as follows: terminus “Miljakovac 1”, Čelebićka, Vareška, Borska, Velizara Stankovića, turnpike “Miljakovac 2”, Velizara Stankovića, Borska, Miško Kranjac, Patrijarh Dimitirja, Kozačka, Vojvode Plemenc, Miljakovačke staze and “Miljakovac 3” turnpike.

    On the changed part of the route, vehicles will use all existing JLPP stops, as well as the newly established temporary arrival/departure stop, namely:

    – “Miljakovac 2” – in Vukasovićeva Street at a position located immediately in front of the stop line, which is located in front of the intersection zone of Vukasovićeva Street and Velizar Stanovića Street.

    Source: bgprevoz