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Better Public Transport for Dunavski Virovi Settlement

May 13, 2024

    Starting from Monday the 13th May, the route of JLPP line no. 612 and 703 and redirects to the T7 road next to the settlement Dunavski virovi, Nova Galenika.

    In Dunavski Viri, 1,000 apartments were built for members of the security services and former members of these services in eight separate multi-storey buildings. In the past period, the largest number of built residential buildings have been occupied, while the Municipality of Zemun initiated a request for the improvement of public transport in the area of ​​the settlement in a conversation with the residents of this settlement.

    Looking at the current network of public transport lines, it was decided that existing lines no. 612 and 703 change route and redirect to road T7 next to Dunavski virovi settlement. In the above way, the offer of public transport has been improved and users of public transport are enabled to use the lines that additionally connect them with New Belgrade and Zemun:

    • 612 New Belgrade /Pavilions/ – Nova Galenika;
    • 703 Zemun /Kej oslobođenja/ – Batajnica ŽS – Ugrinovci.

    The average interval of public transport vehicles in the residential area during periods of peak load will now be 6-7 minutes instead of 12.

    Two new bus stops were also built in the area of ​​the intersection and the entrance to the “Dunavski Virovi” settlement, where in the current state there are marked pedestrian crossings, which makes the use of public transport lines as close as possible while allowing regulated passenger access.

    At the moment, the “Directorate for Building Land and Construction of Belgrade” JP is in the process of preparing technical documentation for traffic lights at the intersection of streets T7, Emilija Jakšić and Dunavski virovi, while the planning documentation also foresees the construction of a new bus interchange on the plot next to the commercial building under construction. , when public transport service will be further improved by extending other JLPP lines. 

    Source: bgprevoz