Tram 19: interruption entre 2 arrets

New line started to operate this week

May 30, 2024

    From Tuesday, May 28, express public transport line no. 610e on the route from New Belgrade (Block 70a) via Surčin to Jakov.

    The city main road Novi Beograd – Surčin, on the section from the roundabout with Vojvođanska Street, Dr. Ivan Ribar and the T-6 road, to the interchange “Surčin Jug”, was opened on April 1, 2023. The expressway was designed for a vehicle speed of 80 kilometers per hour and since the establishment of the traffic has been the shortest and fastest connection of this part of Belgrade, especially Zemun, with the highway “Miloš Veliki”, as well as the municipality of Surčin with the city center.

    The Secretariat for Public Transport has so far considered several different requests to establish a new JLPP express line on the route between the two city municipalities – Novi Beograd and Surčin, which would be the fastest transport service on the said route. Precisely for the above reasons, it was decided that the new line will use the “Surčin 1” interchange on the territory of the municipality of Surčin and will run through the access road and Zoran Đinđić Square to the center of the municipality, from where it will continue to the terminus in Jakov. In the aforementioned way, users from all parts of Surčin, i.e. from the direction of Progar, Petrovčić, Dobanovci, will be able to use and transfer to the new express line.

    Three vehicles will operate on the line with an interval of 30 minutes.

    Source: bgprevoz