Tram 19: interruption entre 2 arrets

Changes to lines: 15, 84, 704, 706, 707 during the "World Cross Country Championship 2024" event

March 29, 2024

    Due to the event “World Cross Country Championship 2024” in Nikola Tesla Boulevard, which will be closed to traffic in the section from Ušće Street to Trešnjino Cveta Street, in the period from Friday, March 29, 2024. until Saturday 30.03.2024. there will be a change in the mode of operation  of JGP lines, as follows:

    • Vehicles from lines: 15, 84, 704, 706, 707  will drive: in the direction of Zemun: Brankov most – Mihajla Pupina Boulevard – Trešnjino cveta – Nikola Tesla Boulevard and further on regular routes; in the direction of the city, they will operate on regular routes

    The stops: “Ušće” and “Palata Srbija” in the direction towards the periphery, for lines 15, 84, are temporarily being demolished  .

    On the modified sections of the routes, vehicles will use the existing public transport stops.

    Source: Busevi