Tram 19: interruption entre 2 arrets

Change on lines 17 & 68 due to works in Zoran Đinđić Boulevard

March 22, 2024

    During the performance  of regular road maintenance works in Zoran Đinđić Boulevard, on the section from Antifašističke borbe Street to Španskih Boraca Street (right lane – completely closed to traffic),  GO New Belgrade , which will be carried out by PUK “Beograd Put”,  in the period from Saturday From March 23 to April 1, 2024,   the mode of operation of vehicles on JGP lines will be changed as follows:

    – Vehicles from line no 68, in the direction of Block 70 , will run on the following streets : Boulevard Zorana Đinđić – Anti-Fascist Struggle – Boulevard Mihajlo Pupin – Spanish Fighters – Boulevard Zorana Đinđić and further along the regular route. In the direction of Zeleni venc, vehicles will drive on the regular route .

    – Vehicles from line no 17, in the direction of Zemun , will travel on the following streets: Boulevard Arsenija Čarnojevića – Španskih borac – Boulevard Zoran Đinđić and continue on the regular route, while in the opposite direction they will travel on the regular route .

    The stop “Anti-Fascist Struggle” (#332), in the direction of Zemun for lines no. 68 and 17. On the modified part of the route, vehicles will use the existing JGP stops.

    Source: Bgprevoz