BEST passengers will soon be able to track their buses

May 15, 2019

    Now a recording will be alerting passengers about stops.

    The announcement of bus stops will be heard in three languages.

    LED signboards will also be installed on all buses.

    Another system will be installed in buses through which passengers standing at bus stops will be able to track their buses through an app.

    This will all be done through Rs. 112 crore Intelligent Transport Management System project (ITMS).

    As a result, The trials of the system are being conducted on Backbay and Wadala depot.

    Out of nearly 3,300 buses, the Vehicle Tracking System has been installed on almost 1,246 buses.

    Also, the Passenger Information System will be installed on 1,899 buses.

    There are some issues with the existing systems installed in some buses and these will be rectified soon.

    Finally, both the systems will be integrated and installed on all buses.


    Moovit wishes you happy and safe traveling!!




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