August 20, 2019

    Daily Travel Fares

    Upto Minimum 5 km distance : Rs.5 (Regular, Non AC fare) & Rs.6 (AC bus fare).
    5 km to 10 km distance : Rs.10 & Rs.13.
    10 km to 15 km distance : Rs.15 & Rs.19.
    15 km and Above distance : Rs.20 & Rs.25.

    Bus Pass Cost (Upto 5 Km)

    Daily Pass (Valid for That Particular Day, Unlimited Travel) : Non-AC Bus (Rs.50), AC Bus (Rs.60)
    Monthly Bus Pass : Rs.250 (Regular) & Rs.300 (AC).
    Quarterly Bus Pass : Rs.750 (Regular) & Rs.900 (AC)

    Monthly Bus Pass Rates For Student

    Upto 5th Standard Students : Rs.200.
    From 6th to 10th Standard Students : Rs.250.
    For College Students, From 11th to 15th (Graduation) : Rs.350.


    Moovit wishes you happy and safe traveling!!


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