Routes for Cyclists

January 4, 2018

    You know those days when you’re sitting in traffic, watching pedestrians walk by faster than your bus is inching along?

    For days like this, and also when you’d rather enjoy the nice weather out than sit on a bus, or you’re in the mood for a little extra exercise, Bikes in Moovit will help you get around.

    Want to know what are the surprises we prepared for you, cyclists? Check it out!

    1. Biking Routes compared to public transportation routes – Life is all about to choose, isn’t it? Now will now be able to see both the cycling routes that suit you and the public transportation routes. Just choose your favorite way to get to the destination.

    Moovit Go Green

    2. Directions on the map – You have chosen a particular biking route? Great! It’s time to click on it and see exactly how it looks on our map.

    bike route on map

     Together we create a green planet 

    You Ride, Moovit Guide!

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