BMTC drivers to get virtual feeling of city roads

May 15, 2019
    BMTC is procuring motion-based bus driving simulators to train its drivers and help improve their skills.
    Driving in Bengaluru has become a nightmare with increasing traffic, poor road conditions, and development works.
    The simulator will give drivers a virtual experience of driving in commercial and residential areas featuring schools, parks, zebra crossings, speed breakers, flyovers, and so on.
    Drivers will also get the experience of traffic on Bengaluru’s roads and varied terrains such as highways, tunnels, and railway crossings.
    The simulator will train drivers to avert accidents and teach them how to react to different situations like motorist occupying a part of the lane or a vehicle going at lower speed without rear lights or animals coming onto the road.
    It will also recreate virtual environment conditions like rain, fog, haze, sun glare, and cloud cover.
    The BMTC will be training more than 12,000 drivers to make travelling safer and more comfortable for you.

    Moovit wishes you happy and safe traveling!!




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