Boston – Drive, Park & Ride

February 8, 2024

    Dear Mooviters,

    Get ready for an exhilarating upgrade!

    Introducing Moovit’s latest feature: Drive, Park, and Ride options. Bid farewell to traffic woes, make savvy parking choices, and effortlessly transition to public transit for your urban escapades.

    What’s New:

    βœ… Ample Selection: Discover a range of Park and Ride lots for stress-free travel.
    βœ… Seamless Connections: Plan your route with integrated transit options.
    βœ… Enhanced Commutes: Enjoy smoother journeys from the parking lot to the heart of the city.

    Simply input your destination and Moovit will provide you with a Drive, Park & Ride route where relevant!

    Experience the ease of Park and Ride with Moovit’s enhanced options!


    Park Smart, Travel Effortlessly!

    The USA Moovit Team