Extended late night service

September 5, 2018


    Beginning September 2, 2018, the MBTA will offer expanded bus service from 10 PM – 3 AM every night. The expansion includes additional evening trips, later scheduling, and route variations that include stops in areas where service is most needed.

    Late night bus service will run as a pilot program, and the MBTA will measure ridership to determine if the program should become permanent within the next year.


    More transit options after 10 PM in communities where riders rely on off-peak bus service:

    • Later, more frequent service on some existing late night routes from 10 PM – 2 AM
    • Service available after 2 AM in Dorchester, Roxbury, Charlestown, Everett, East Boston, and Lynn
    • More bus trips to and from Boston, the surrounding neighborhoods, and Logan Airport
    RouteMore frequent trips after 10 PMExtended service
    15 Dorchester-Mattapan-Dudley-Ruggles-Haymarket*Every day until 3 AM
    34E Walpole-Forest HillsSaturdaysSaturdays until 2 AM
    66 Harvard Square-DudleyWeekdays
    Weekdays and Saturdays until 2 AM
    93 Haymarket-Sullivan Square^Every day until 3 AM
    104 Malden Center-Everett-Sullivan Square^Weekdays
    Every day until 3 AM
    108 Linden Square-Malden Center^Every day until 3 AM
    109 Malden-Everett-Sullivan Square^Weekdays
    Every day until 3 AM
    111 Revere-Chelsea-HaymarketWeekdays
    Every day until 2 AM
    116 Wonderland-Chelsea-MaverickWeekdays
    Weekdays and Saturdays until 2 AM
    117 Wonderland-Chelsea-MaverickWeekdays
    Every day until 3 AM
    442 Marblehead-Lynn-WonderlandWeekdaysEvery day until 3 AM
    SL1 Logan Airport-South Station‡Every day until 3 AM
    SL4 Dudley Square-South Station‡Every day until 3 AM

    *The 15 bus runs between Mattapan and Haymarket Stations via Ashmont and Dudley Stations, with an inbound trip at 1:10 AM and an outbound trip at 2 AM.

    ^A single bus runs a loop along the 93-109-108-104 routes:

    • 2 AM: 93 outbound from Haymarket to Sullivan Square
    • 2:08 AM: 109 outbound from Sullivan Square to Linden Square
    • 2:29 AM: 108 inbound from Linden Square to Malden Center
    • 2:40 AM: 104 inbound from Malden Center to Sullivan Square

    ‡The SL1 departs Logan Airport Terminal A at 2:30 AM, with stops at all terminals. It will travel through the Seaport, then continue as the SL4outbound to Dudley Square at 2:54 AM.