Brazilian Recognition

February 18, 2016

    On the 15th of January this year some members of the Brazilian Community were deservedly recognized and honored for their contribution to Porto Alegre’s society by the Mayor of the city. Brazil’s 4th most populous city has been benefiting from the Moovit Community’s efforts since March 2014, when the Community members took it upon themselves to take the city’s official data and update all of the information. The Porto Alegre Community, consisting of top contributors such as Cristiano, Fabrizio and Daniel, among others, have since decided to map 14 surrounding commuter cities. This amazing achievement is a record by any Community group and it means that the entire metropolitan population of 4.5 million can benefit from this up-to-date transport information. Moovit strives to honor its members’ valiant contributions, but recognition from the highest order – the mayor of the city – is a new accomplishment! Cristiano reflected on the occasion, “The greatest honor that a community of volunteers can receive is to have its efforts and dedication recognized by the City, represented by those who were elected to look after it. It confirms the importance of our contribution in the Community, and the relevance that it has for the entire population of the city.”

    Porto Alegre - RS, 16.01.2016 Reunião com Vice-Presidente da Moovit, Yoav Roth Local: Gabinete do prefeito Foto: Ivo Gonçalves/PMPA

    Yoav Roth, Moovit’s VP of Business Development (on the right in the above photo), represented the Community on the day and later said, “I was touched and am very proud on behalf of the Community for their astounding efforts.” The Community leaders plan to meet this month where they will receive their personal certificates.