NYC Car Free Day Service Changes

April 18, 2018

    Here is everything you need to know to get around NYC this weekend.

    Go Green Trip Plans

    • Plan a trip to any of the Car Free & Earth Day festivities on Citi Bike, with your personal bikes, by walking, or take mass transit
    • Moovit can accommodate a variety of needs- plan a trip on public transit + bikes or walking to get somewhere far away
    • Check Service Alerts for changes to your normal routes

    Bus service changes

    M4, M60 SBS and M104
    • Northbound buses rerouted from Broadway at 110 St to 120 St
    • 8 AM to 8 PM, Saturday, Apr 2
    Reroute Details
    • M4
      • Via 110 St
      • Right on Amsterdam Av
      • Left on 120 St then regular route
    • M60 SBS
      • Via Broadwa
      • Right on 110 St
      • Left on Amsterdam Av to 120 St then regular route
    • M104
      • Via Broadway
      • Right on 110 St
      • Left on Amsterdam Av
      • Left on 120 St
      • Right on Broadway then regular route
    M3 buses
    • rerouted from St Nicholas Av between 178 St and Fort George Av
    • 8 AM to 5 PM, Saturday, Apr 21
    Reroute Details
    • Northbound
      • Via St Nicholas Av
      • Right on 178 St
      • Left on Audubon Av into Fort George Av
    • Southbound
      • Via St Nicholas Av
      • Left on 190 S
      • Right on Audubon A
      • Right on 179 S
      • Left on St Nicholas Av then regular route

    Whatever your plans are, enjoy your weekend, and leave the details to us. You ride, we guide.