Car Free Day

Go Car Free with Moovit

September 18, 2018

    What is World Car Free Day?

    World Carfree Day is a global event where people give up driving their cars for a day to demonstrate and experience what it would be like to live in a world without cars, and to raise awareness for global issues such as pollution and climate change. It is a day to promote mass transit, cycling and walking, and communities where jobs and shopping areas are closer to home.

    When is it taking place?

    This weekend! (September 21st & 22nd)

    Plan your trip with MOOVIT 

    Don’t forget that you can plan your trip with your bike too!

    It’s very simple!

    For days like this one, or for when you want to enjoy the breeze instead of riding the bus, Moovit guides you with your bike.

    1. Bike routes, walking routes or public transport routes–  When you see the suggested routes given by the app, you can see on top of the screen the bikes and walking routes.

    2. Map directions– Did you choose a bike route? Great! Now tap on it and check the route on the map:


     Together we can create a healthy world

    You ride, we guide!

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