Communal Passions

March 15, 2016

    Trieste - Daniele Decorti IV

    Our next Italian star is Daniele from Trieste, a coastal city in the north-east of Italy, close to the Slovenian border. In his day job, Daniele works in Port Security, where much of continental Europe’s oil arrives from the Middle East. Being closely situated to several Eastern European countries has caused Daniele to become comfortable in several additional languages, including German, Slovak, Croatian and English. In July 2014 Daniele heard about Moovit’s presence in Italy but saw that Trieste was not yet available. “I contacted the Moovit Team and got access to the Editor and within one month I had completed the main lines of my city. Without doubt, when I saw my city in the app it was the best feeling ever!”

    Daniele has had an enthusiasm for transportation since he was a child and says that before Moovit, “…there was no app for buses and I wanted to help the people of my city get around. Day by day I want to improve the information for Trieste.” Daniele, together with the other great contributing members of the Trieste community such as Alessio, Marco and Stefano, have helped enormously the city’s population of 200,000 by mapping and perfecting over 160 lines. Furthermore, the editors have been mapping more public transport lines to connect more towns and cities across the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, such as Gorizia. If the group continues at this pace, up to 1.2 million people will be able to benefit from their efforts.

    Daniele’s tips for helping so many people include knowing your city and being a regular user of public transport. “I travel every day on the bus.” He notes. He also notes the importance of building a local community, “I found a friend that shared the same passion.” Thank you Daniele for sharing your incredible story and assisting the people of Trieste with their daily journeys.