Key Messages

January 17, 2016

    Your city is about to launch. Now the excitement really begins!

    As part of the official launch of your city, you may be involved in some of the Public Relations efforts. Here you will find the messaging guidelines for interacting with the media.

    Moovit is the leading local transit app in the world

    1. We have the most robust and precise information of any public transit app
    2. Over 30 million people across 800 cities in 60 countries trust Moovit to get them where they’re going, more than any other 3rd party transit app
    3. We’re adding a new city every day to make millions of people’s daily rides smoother

    We give you more control and peace of mind when riding public transit

    1. We combine all local transit options in a single app so you have a single source for information
    2. Just tell us where you’re going and we’ll find the best ways to get you there across multiple modes of transit – no need to figure out different schedules for different lines
    3. Moovit constantly updates as transit operators change schedules or alter service so you don’t end up at a station that is closed, or waiting for a bus that isn’t coming

    We enable you to make more valuable use of your time instead of worrying about how to piece together your local transit puzzle

    1. Real Time Arrival information (where available) lets you know when to be at the stop so you can spend your time doing something more valuable than sitting around and waiting
    2. Step-by-step directions and ride alerts for when your stop is approaching let you focus on chatting with friends, checking sports scores, or just enjoying the scenery
    3. Saving your favorite lines and installing the widget for Android or iOS makes checking public transit as easy as checking the weather. You’ll get automatic notifications when something happens that will affect one of your favorite lines and 1-tap directions to your favorite locations

    We’re creating technology for people to make a difference in their community

    1. Our Community Editor platform lets people map entire transit systems so Moovit can launch in places without any readily available public information – no other app does this
    2. Moovit has a community of more than 30,000 editors that help to map cities and keep transit service information up to date
    3. Anyone using Moovit can help out fellow riders by submitting Line & Station reports about busy stations, events causing travel issues, and many other incidents, even the temperature of a bus or train car