From Croatia and beyond

April 20, 2016


    This time around we hear from a very special community member, Sinisa, who is a Computer Engineer from charming Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Sinisa spent a few days in Israel for work in December last year where he first used Moovit to navigate his way around. When he returned to Croatia he was eager to see how the app compares in Zagreb, but unfortunately the service wasn’t yet available. Sinisa took it upon himself, as a source of national pride, to add the transport lines of the city to the app. He elaborates on his experience, “It was fun, I learned a lot and saw it as an opportunity to help other Croats help themselves!”

    Sinisa talked at length about the Community Editor platform, “The interface is intuitive and improvements are made often; which makes everything simpler when entering data.” When adding Zagreb’s tram routes, Sinisa notes how he found particular use for the automatic shape feature. However, the simplicity of the tools Sinisa used to create the transport data should in no way take away from his exceptional personal achievements! Sinisa singlehandedly mapped his city’s 409 routes with incredible zeal. At the height of his undertaking he created 16 full routes in one day. Zagreb’s public transport hero touched upon an unforeseen benefit of mapping his city: “the chance to get to know parts of the city you haven’t visited yet.” Sinisa expanded on this by telling us about one of his favorite things in the city, a to-scale installation of the solar system with the planets spread across Zagreb. “It can be a lot of fun to find them all.”

    Sinisa checks that the app is up-to-date and notes that when he was living in the heart of the city for 12 years, “Moovit would have helped a lot!” Thanks to Sinisa’s incredible efforts, the city of Zagreb was launched in the app in late February of this year and the city’s 790,000 inhabitants can now all potentially benefit from the service. He knows that as more and more people begin using the app, the city’s information can even be perfected by the insight of the crowd on the local routes. Since Zagreb’s launch, Community Ambassador Sinisa has been busy trying to gather vital public transport information for Split on the beautiful Dalmatia coast, the second largest city in Croatia, and even now Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo. To Sinisa we say thank you, for taking this mission to heart and helping many users across the region.