Countrywide transportation updates

February 9, 2020


Dear passengers,


The weekend is here, and we’ve gathered important updates for you  🛣 🚍


Central Israel | Jerusalem – Ein Gedi | South


Central Israel


👉 Tel Aviv

Recently, a dedicated public transportation lane was launched on Kaplan St. in Tel Aviv. Kaplan St. connects the center of Tel Aviv to Ha’Shalom Junction which has heavy traffic during rush hours. The goal is to make riding public transit easier and significantly shorten the trips on buses.


👉 Herzliya

A public transportation lane was also launched in Herzliya between Shiva’t Ha’kochavim Ave. and the train station in Herzliya. The lane will shorten the bus trip times between the Eastern and Western sides of the city.


Starting January 2nd until further notice, Itzhak Sade St. will be closed due to maintenance work. Therefore, expect specific changes in lines 9, 19, 501, 502.


👉 Holon

Starting January 2nd, Line 3 (Holon – Tel Aviv) will switch its number to 73 (operated by Dan). There will be no changes to the line’s route.


👉 Ramat Gan

Starting January 2020, a new line (267) will operate between Savidor Central station and Amidar. More details can be found in the ‘Lines’ tab in the app.



Jerusalem – Ein Gedi


👉 Starting January 2020, drop off at the following stations on lines 486 and 487 will be per request: 

Line 486 – Kaliya/Center, Mizpe Shalem, Ein Gedi Field School, Vered Yericho and Almog – swimming pool. 

Line 487 – Vered Yericho, Almog – swimming pool, Kaliya/Center and Beit Ha’arava – sports field.




👉 Beer Sheva 

Starting at the end of January 2020 until further notice, Soroka/Itzhak Rager station will be canceled due to maintenance work. The following lines will be affected: 67, 152, 352, 383, 369.


👉 Eilat

Starting February, two new passenger profiles will be activated for Eilat residents: Eilat residents and Eilat senior citizens. Profiles can be issued at Egged’s Rav Kav booth in Eilat only. Additional information can be found on the bus providers website.


Starting Wednesday, 5/2/2020 Derech Ha’arava will be closed to traffic in the Police Square – Tourism Square segment. The following lines will be affected: 1, 2, 6, 16, 50 and 30 to Ramon International Airport.


We wish you a pleasant ride 🙂

The Moovit Team