This week's transportation updates

February 13, 2019

    We’ve collected major transportation updates from around the country to share with you to guarantee a peaceful journey to your destination. 🚌

    Central region:

    • Next Friday (22.2.19) the Tel Aviv Marathon will take place and changes in public transportation lines are expected. More details to come. 🙂
    • Starting from February 19, the station Arlozorov/Dizengoff (21005) will be added to the route of line 55 (Kavim) from Kiryat Ono to Tel Aviv.


    From Sunday, February 24 there will be construction on Be’er Sheba in Derech Metzada road – the section between Mivtza Yoav and Yehuda Halevi. The construction works will take approximately five months.

    As part of the works, changes will be made in public transportation:

    • Lines 12, 12a (Dan Be’er Sheba), 112, 332 (Dan Badarom), 383, 352 (Metropolin).

    Canceled stops:

    • Makif Gimel/Derech Metzada (19460); Makif Gimel/Derech Metzada (11091); Bnei Or/Derech Metzada (11101); Yehuda Halevi/Derech Metzada (13206).

    Alternative stops:

    • Mivtza Nahshon/Shimon Bar Giora; Mivtza Nahshon/Mivtza Yoav; Aba Ahimeir/Shaul Hamelech


    Starting from February 17, there will be changes with the schedules and the stations of the following Superbus lines:

    • Line 56 (Afula-Yokne’am) and line 407 (Yokne’am-Nofit) – the route will be extended to Sha’ar Hagai terminal in Yokne’am, in both directions.
    • Lines 180,188,426 will end at Sha’ar Hagai terminal (21243) station.
    • Line 75 (Haifa-Basmat Tivon) will upgrade its route from the Yagur Interchange and will travel via 75 roadway directly to Haifa Bay Central Station in both directions.

    Safe Travels!