Summer Clock Change & Transportation updates

March 28, 2019

Dear passengers, on Friday, March 29, at 02:00 clocks are turned forward one hour to 03:00. We recommend making sure your phone is set to Automatic Time Zone.

While you’re here, we’ve collected major transportation updates from around the country so you won’t miss an important update.

Central region:

Starting from Monday, April 1 at 22:00 until Wednesday, April 3 at 05:00 there will be a temporary halt of the train service between Kfar Habad and Lod stations. Changes in train schedules are excepted:


Israel Railways announced that they will offer a 50% discount to and from the Jerusalem Yitzchak Navon station until September 24, 2019, or until the line is connected to the Tel Aviv Hashlom station, the earliest among them. The discount will be offered in the following ways:

For those traveling from the airport to Yitzchak Navon Jerusalem, if they purchase a ticket at the airport using their Rav Kav.

For those traveling to any destination from Yitzchak Navon Jerusalem, if they purchase a ticket in Jerusalem using their Rav Kav.


New Egged lines from Eilat to Ramon Airport:

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Transport website.

Safe Travels! 🙂