Bus Detours due to Holon's Adloyada Parade

March 20, 2019

    Moovit wishes everyone a Happy Purim! 😃

    Tomorrow, March 21, the annual Purim festival (Adloyada) will take place in Holon from 12:00. 🎉🎉

    Be aware of traffic changes and delays as road closures are expected in Holon:

    From 08:30, Sokolov st., Hanesieim st., Weitzman st., Golomb st., Leon Blum st. and Hoofien st. will be closed. Hashita st., Haerez st., Hatavor st., Hatomer st. and Hakongress st. will be closed between 08:00-12:30.

    From 07:00, Serlin st. will be closed but Jabotinsky st. will be open only to North direction. Jeruslam boulevard will be closed between 07:00-14:00 from Professor Shor/Geulim intersection to Krauze st.

    Public transportation will be directed to the following routes: 

    From Serlin st. to to the East of the city – via highway 44, from Kugel boulevard to the South direction – via Hama’apilim and Eilat st. to Hahistadrut and Hoofien st.

    For your convenience, Moovit is updated according to these changes.

    Safe Travels!