New Late Night Express Cityflyer NA20

July 3, 2018

    From July 3, CTB will launch new late night express Cityflyer Route NA30. 

    The new route will ply between airport and Whampoa Garden.  It costs 37.5 HK$.

    Departure from airport is 00:35 daily and departure from Whampoa Garden is 04:30 daily.

    Stop location details here:

    To Airport   To Whampoa Garden
    Whampoa GardenAirport (Ground Transportation Centre)
    Wing On Plaza, Salisbury RoadLantau Link Toll Plaza
    New World Centre, Salisbury RoadKwai Chung Interchange, Kwai Chung Road
    Kimberley Road, Nathan RoadMei Foo, Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station, Nathan RoadLai Chi Kok Station, Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Public Square Street, Nathan RoadCheung Sha Wan Station, Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Pitt Street, Nathan RoadYee Kok Court, Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Grand Tower, Nathan RoadYen Chow Street, Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Bute Street, Nathan RoadWong Chuk Street, Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Prince Edward Station, Nathan RoadMongkok Police Station, Nathan Road
    Maple Street, Cheung Sha Wan RoadArgyle Street, Nathan Road
    Pei Ho Street, Cheung Sha Wan RoadBank Centre, Nathan Road
    Yee Kok Court, Cheung Sha Wan RoadSino Centre, Nathan Road
    Cheung Sha Wan Playground, Cheung Sha Wan RoadMan Ming Lane, Nathan Road
    Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, Cheung Sha Wan RoadNathan Hotel, Nathan Road
    Mei Foo, Lai Chi Kok RoadPrudential Centre, Nathan Road
    Kwai Chung Interchange, Kwai Chung RoadKimberley Road, Nathan Road
    Lantau Link Toll PlazaCameron Road, Nathan Road
    Airport (Terminal 1)Middle Road, Nathan Road
    Airport (Terminal 2)East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Salisbury Road
    Airport (Ground Transportation Centre)Wing On Plaza, Salisbury Road
    Wing On Plaza, Salisbury Road
    Hung Hom South Road
    Gillies Avenue South
    Kun Yam Street, Wuhu Street
    Tak Man Street
    Whampoa Garden


    The new route has been updated in Moovit app!

    You Ride, Moovit Guide


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