Delays on Sound Transit Link Light Rail

May 1, 2023

    The Westlake Link Light Rail Station was damaged after a construction crew, trying to remove a clock above the station, accidentally ripped a hole in the roof of the tunnel.  

    Passengers traveling through the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel should prepare for additional travel time to continue to their destination for two weeks starting tonight due to damage caused by street-level construction at the Westlake station last Tuesday.


    What can you expect?


    1 Line trains are single-tracking between Westlake and Stadium stations until further notice. All trains from Angle Lake and Northgate are currently terminating at Pioneer Square. Riders continuing beyond Pioneer Square will need to transfer between trains. Trains will hold 3 to 5 minutes for passengers to complete the transfer.

    Trains are running every 15 to 20 minutes at all stations.

    All trains at Westlake, University Street, and International District/Chinatown are boarding at a single platform. Follow signs saying “All Trains” and be mindful of destination signs on the trains to ensure you are boarding the correct train.


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    The USA Moovit Team