Discovery Bay Pier B/T Close

Discovery Bay Pier B/T Close

February 21, 2017
    From Feb.25  (Sat.), Discovery Bay Pier B/T will close for about 2 years. 

    The terminus stops will be relocated along Discovery Bay Road. Meanwhile, a few bus routes will be rearranged.

    Details below:

    • Bus Route 1 renamed to T1;
    • 2 & 5 combined to T2,playing between “Midvale Village” & “La Vista”;
    • 3 & 7 combined to T3,playing between “Parkvale Village” & “Capeland Drive (Blossom Court)” ;
    • C4 &  7 combined to T4,playing between”DB North Plaza” & “28 Coastline Villa”;
    • Route 6 renamed to T6;
    • C9 &  8 combined to T9,playing between “DB North Plaza” & “39 Caperidge Drive” ;
    • DB01R & DB03R relocate bus terminus to “Marina Drive”;
    • Route 4, 9, 9S & FS stop service;
    • T1、T6、9A & DB02R relocate bus terminus to the temporary stop  beside the fire station along Discovery Bay Road.

    愉景灣碼頭總站重建期間 路線重組及站位安排

    The footbridge (near Watson Store) will continue to be in use, and the footbridge connecting Discovery Bay Road & DB Plaza (near Wing On Department Store) will open by the end of February.

    In addition, from Feb. 24 until end of April, he “Glass House”(Opposite to Pacific Coffee) near the pier will serve as Information Centre.


    All the information updated in Moovit App. Feel free to check it out!


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