Terms & Conditions - Moovit Carpool Refer a Friend Program

November 19, 2017

    Moovit Carpool Refer a Friend Program

    The Moovit Carpool Refer a Friend program allows Moovit users (herein “Passenger”) to earn Referral Bonuses by inviting friends (herein “Invited Driver”) to sign up and complete rides as Moovit Carpool Drivers as per the terms described below.

    Moovit may suspend, terminate or change these terms and requirements of the Refer a Friend program at any time and for any reason.


    • Passenger – a user of the Moovit app.
    • Invited Driver – a person who has not completed any rides as a Moovit Carpool driver.
    • Referral Code – a code that is unique to each Passenger
    • Referral Ride – the ride that grants the respective bonuses to both the Passenger and the Invited Driver, in accordance with the terms listed below.

    How to Earn a Referral Bonus:

    A Referral Bonus can be earned as follows:

    1. The Passenger shares their personal Referral Code
    2. The Invited Driver, receiving the Referral Code, enters the Referral Code in the Moovit Carpool app prior to completing the Referral Ride.
    3. The Referral Ride is completed.

    To be eligible for the Referral Bonus, the Referral Ride must be:

    • The first ride that the Invited Driver completes within the Moovit Carpool system, with one or more passengers, excluding the Passenger.
    • At least 5km from the passenger pickup point to the passenger drop off point.
    • With a ride price of at least 5nis
    • Completed before June 30, 2017.

    Receiving the Referral Bonus:

    Upon fully meeting the terms for receiving a Referral Bonus –

    The Passenger will receive:

    • A coupon for use with Moovit Carpool rides.
    • The coupon will have a total amount and an amount that may be used per ride according to the information displayed on the Refer a Friend pop-up within the Moovit application.
    • The coupon will have an expiration date of 60 days from the date of the Referral Ride.

    The Invited Driver will receive:

    • A monetary bonus of an amount according to the information found on the Refer a Friend pop-up within the Moovit application.
    • This bonus will be paid via Bank Transfer along with the monies transferred to the Invited Driver for the completed rides of the month of the Referral Ride.


    • Passengers and Invited Drivers must at all times be different people.
    • Moovit will only recognize one Passenger per Invited Driver.
    • A Passenger may receive up to 20 Referral Bonuses. From the 21st referral and onwards, no coupon will be granted to the Passenger but the Invited Driver will still receive their Referral Bonus.
    • No Referral Bonus may be claimed through the Refer a Friend program as a result of suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activities, or any other conduct that violates Moovit’s Terms of Use or other applicable policies. Neither Passengers nor Invited Drivers can earn a Referral Bonus by creating multiple Moovit profiles.
    • Moovit reserves the right (but shall not be obligated) to investigate and review all activities related to the Refer a Friend Program and can cancel or modify referrals for any reason. If Moovit notices any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, illegal, or violative of our Terms of Use or other policies, we may suspend profiles or restrict access to the referral program and/or to Moovit’s services, all without derogating from our rights under any applicable laws.
    • The use of Moovit Carpool shall be subject to the service’s Terms of Use (http://static.moovitapp.com/userguide/carpool_terms.pdf) and Privacy Policy (http://static.moovitapp.com/userguide/carpool_privacy_policy.pdf).

    Severability and Waivers:

    If any part of these terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining parts shall remain in full force and effect. Any failure by Moovit to enforce these terms shall not be considered a waiver and any waiver of these terms must be made in writing and signed by Moovit’s authorized representatives.

    Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty:

    Moovit, its shareholders, employees, advisors, representatives or anyone acting on Moovit’s behalf (“Released Parties“), shall be fully released from any claims, liability, costs, losses, damages or injuries of any kind arising out of or related directly or indirectly to the Passenger’s and/or Invited Driver’s participation in the program, including with respect to any deletion or failure to store any drivers or other communications related to the program. The Released Parties shall not be responsible for any warranty, express or implied, in connection with the program.