Easy ways to pay on buses

May 4, 2023

    Adelaide Metro Tap and Pay is now available with Visa, Mastercard or metroCARD on trams and O-Bahn buses, and these easy ways to pay will be available on all Adelaide Metro buses by mid-2023.

    For now, you can transfer with your Tap and Pay ticket to:

    • all trams
    • some buses (all buses by mid-2023)
    • trains leaving the Adelaide Railway Station (via special access Gate 1).

    Paper MetroTickets will not be accepted on buses from 1 July 2023, but the singletrips and daytrips that were available as paper MetroTickets are now available on a metroCARD.

    And right now, if you buy a singletrip or daytrip from Adelaide Metro or any metroCARD retailer – you will get the metroCARD FREE! This offer ends on 30 June 2023, so be quick and grab your free metroCARD now.

    Source: Adelaide Metro