Egged on strike? It's Carpool time!

November 19, 2017

    ,Dear passengers

    Starting tomorrow and until further notice, no Egged bus lines will operate throughout the entire country.
    Yeah we know – it’s annoying and unpleasant but hey, let’s make those lemons into some cool tasty lemonade! We have the best way for you to get to & from your work, even while the strike goes on: Carpooling with Moovit Carpool!
    This is the perfect time to join Moovit Carpool either as a driver or a passenger.

    ?Got a car? Planning to take it to work during the strike? How about some help with the cost

    If you have a car, now is the best time to join Moovit Carpool as a driver. Help others get to work on time and get paid for your troubles!

    • Download the Moovit Carpool app to your mobile.
    • Pick up passengers (no need to make any detours off your regular route!)
    • Get paid for the ride!

    It’s a win-win situation!


    No car? No worries! Join Moovit Carpool as a passenger and arrive at your destination fast and easy!

    If you still haven’t tried Moovit Carpool as a passenger (really?!) this strike is a great opportunity to start and enjoy the service.

    And what a treat we have for you – FREE MONEY for your first rides: 30 NIS for Carpooling, on us*!
    *Valid for new users only, up to 15 NIS with ride.
    • Open the Moovit app
    • Enter your destination, in the main search box, and tap “search routes”
    • Book the best ride for you. Pretty easy, huh?

    Now your driver confirms the ride and you hit the road together!



    Want to learn more about Moovit Carpool? Tap here.

    Safe traveling!

    Moovit Carpool