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Get to your Kalpi easily with Moovit ✨

Dear Riders,

On Tuesday, November 1, the Elections for the 25th Knesset will be held.

We have collected for you several updates that you should know about Election Day and how to get easily to your Kalpi 🙂

Free rides on intercity buses and Israel Railways

To encourage voting, starting at 20:00 on the evening of Election Day (October 31) until the end of Election Day (November 1), the Election Committee in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation will allow free public transit for rides above 15 KM and in all Israel Railways lines.

🚍 On all bus rides above 15 KM, simply enter without scanning the QR code or paying with Rav Kav.

🚆 On all Israel Railways lines, it is mandatory to issue a free paper ticket at the station.

🚩 All bus rides under 15 KM,  and other transit types not mentioned above will require payment.

Riding to/from Eilat?  Eligibility for free rides to/from Northern Eilat to the Arava junction will require an ID with a residential address in Eilat, or an election notice that indicates a Kalpi station with the passenger’s name on it that should be presented by the passenger at the Egged box office. The ticket will be a round trip for Elections day only. To issue your ticket, contact Egged’s information center at *2800 * or 03-6948888.

⭐ Simply search in Moovit to find your Kalpi using one of the following:

1) Take a look at the election notice you received in the mail, and track down the “מס’ קלפי” number (the middle square in the image). Now simply insert your Kalpi number in the trip planner.



2) Enter, insert your ID number + Issue date. After clicking on ‘לאיתור קלפי’, scroll down to see your polling station information:

3. If you know your Kalpi’s location, you can also find it directly on the map. Tap on the election icon    and choose the “Navigate” option.

Safe travels 🙂

The Moovit Team