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May 28, 2017

    The city – Hong Kong

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    Hong Kong, in southeastern China, is an autonomous territory historically famed for its vibrant and fragrant ship-laden harbor. Today the city is equally famous as a densely populated, skyscraper-adorned global financial hub and is also popular with tourists as a high-end shopping destination. Over 90 percent of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million citizens commute with public transport every day – an impressively high percentage by global standards, and attesting to why access to precise public transportation information is paramount to the city’s functionality.

    The Ambassador


    Ambassador Emil and Jojo, from the Moovit Team, enjoying dinner in Hong Kong last year

    Emil, a Hong Kong banking, entrepreneur, consultant and university lecturer in one of the financial capitals of the world, joined the Mooviter Community about a year ago. Emil informed us that his journey with Moovit and it’s inspiring Community began when the official transport schedule for the place he lived stopped working at that time. He had to find an alternative guide to his previous local public transport information. “I searched online and found Moovit and I was invited to join the Community where I started to update the various lines of buses and ferries,” Emil tells us.

    Emil has enjoyed the social aspect of the Mooviter Community: meeting people with the same interest both online and offline. Even though Emil has a packed schedule and many other commitments, he is inspired by the mission of collaborating with other like-minded Mooviters who strive to make Hong Kong an even smarter transit city for the future.

    Aside from using his personal knowledge to improve the public transport information available to everyone via Moovit, Emil, as a naturally social and outgoing person, saw an opportunity to further support the Moovit mission in Hong Kong by employing his many years of career and voluntary service experience. “I have close relationships with the relevant government departments. I introduced Moovit and the Mooviter Community to the Hong Kong Science Park.” More recently, Emil introduced the Mooviter Community at the Data Studio (an Open Data initiative project with a demonstration room and a platform) in the Science Park. Through these actions Emil has demonstrated that being a Mooviter Community Ambassador means different things to different people and each person can contribute in their own extraordinary way, bringing value to local public transport users.

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