Moovit Mapathon season has started!

November 27, 2017

    Take a look at what champion Mooviters around the world have been up to, and get involved! You can bring a Mapathon to your university. Click here for more info.

    Pace University – NYC, USA

    Computer science students of Pace University in New York participated in a Moovit Mapathon to add shuttles for both their university and their sister law school campus, providing information not previously available to students. The shuttles have only a few stops each and the students focused on meticulously perfecting the shapes of these routes. Pace University shuttles are now available on Moovit, including a customized university icon. The project leaders are already thinking about their next Moovit event!

    Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA

    13 Stanford University students took time from their rigorous schedules for a Moovit Mapathon on their campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. Students mapped  the public transit network of the small California city of Hanford whose transit information was not available on any trip planner, providing an invaluable service to local riders. Although the students’ work did not directly affect the transit at their university, they were thrilled to help their fellow Californians find an easier way to get around using public transportation!  

    Morningside College – Sioux City, IA, USA

    Mapathons come in all shapes and sizes. The Moovit Mapathon at Morningside took place in the form of a class project for a Quantitative Reasoning course over a span of 5 days. The class of 22 mapped the city’s routes – including stops, lines, and schedules – traveled by Sioux City Transit. Sioux City Transit is not available on other transit planners making the Moovit Mapathon especially impactful for the community. Morningside is planning to host another Mapathon next semester to engage more of Iowa in the public transit ecosystem via Moovit.

    Tor Vergata University – Rome, Italy

    Volunteer participants from the Tor Vergata University came together on a Saturday to improve coverage in the Rome and Lazio region of Italy. In the spirit of Moovit’s community mission, these students devoted a few hours to improve the information available for all transit riders to better the public transit experience in their region. Information about stops, lines, and schedules for 5 local agencies have already been added to the app!

    UCSB – Santa Barbara, CA, USA

    On Friday, November 17th, many students popped in during the day-long Moovit Mapathon hosted at UCSB. Over a delicious lunch and a shared mission to improve urban mobility, participants came and went between classes, mapping the lines of Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District.  The goal was to bring Moovit’s services to the 6 cities and towns covered by the SBMTD network. Their mission completed, the metropolitan district is set to launch in Moovit in early December, ultimately bringing a previously unavailable service to more than 400,000 potential local riders.