October 30, 2016

    Save time on your commute by joining a driver headed in the same direction.
    Pitch in on the cost of gas and make a new friend along the way.


    Tip 1 – Keep your ride’s status and schedule updated

    If your ride’s time changed or if you need to cancel the ride, updating the schedule as early as possible helps us to show only relevant and active rides to our users while you get only relevant requests on ride you actually make.

    Tip 2 – Add random rides to the app

    Are you driving to see relatives on the weekend? Do you plan to ride to a different location or in a different route than usual?

    Add your random ride (sooner is better) and increase the options to get ride requests from users.

    Tip 3 – Fill in your Driver’s profile information

    Adding more information about yourself will enhance the security sense the passengers gets when they see your ride.

    Tip 4 – Got a request? answer as fast as you can

    We rank driver’s appearance in our search results according to their request response rate and other factors.

    Approve a request as soon as you got it can improve your appearance in the search results.