Starting next week: Public transportation will operate until the end of service

October 30, 2020

Dear passengers,

Starting next week, public transportation will extend its service hours until the end of service. Here are some reminders and updates that are worth knowing 👇

🚍 Extended service hours

Starting next week (4.11), most public transportation lines (excluding Israel Railways) will operate until the end of every day without any restrictions.

🚆 Israel Railways continues to operate on Sundays – Thursdays without weekends

Israel Railways will continue to operate in its current format – on Sundays through Thursdays between ~05:00 to ~22:00. Ben Gurion Airport, Jerusalem (Malcha), Ra’anana (West and South), Hod Hasharon (Sokolov), and Kfar Saba (Nordau) will not operate at this stage.

Remember, it is mandatory to issue an entry pass for every train ride. More details can be found here.

🚌 Bnei Brak – Public transportation in the city will be upgraded starting next week (4.11)

The Municipality of Bnei Brak, together with the Ministry of Transportation and in cooperation with the Ayalon Highway Company, is leading a project to improve the system of municipal, metropolitan, and intercity buses. As part of the project:

  • New Intercity lines (on weekends):  409 (Bnei Brak – Jerusalem), 215 (Bnei Brak – Modi’in Illit), 380 (Bnei Brak – Elad)
  • Intercity lines that will change their route 

Bnei Brak – Jerusalem – 400, 401, 402, 411, 412, 413, 414, 422, 429

Bnei Brak – Ashdod – 349, 350, 351

Bnei Brak – Elad 180, 280

Bnei Brak – Modiin Elite 210, 220, 230, 240

  • New intracity lines: 9 (Industrial Area – Kehilot Yaakov) and 4 (Bnei Brak Railway Station – Kehilot Yaakov)
  • Intracity lines that will change their route: 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 
  • Canceled line: 11 (circular – Kehillot Yaakov)
  • New line: 38 (Tel Aviv- Kiryat Ono)
  • Lines to nearby cities that will change their route: 18, 34, 140, 160 

👉 The new lines and updated routes will be updated on Moovit adjacent to their launch date on 4.11. The full update regarding the changes in Bnei Brak can be found here

🚌 Herzliya – The weekend lines return to full service

Starting this weekend (30-31.10), the weekend lines operating between Herzliya and Tel Aviv will return to full service. The shuttle service operated by the Herzliya Municipality operates on Fridays from 18:00 to 03:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 18:00. 

The schedules and routes can be found in the ‘Lines’ tab by searching for lines 201 and 202.

🛣 Tel Aviv – New public transportation lane on Yigal Alon Street

This week, a new public transportation lane was marked on Yigal Alon Street in Tel Aviv. The route which starts in the part north of La Guardia Street and ends in HaShalom Road in both directions will improve bus travel times from the southeastern neighborhoods of the city and those arriving at the Igal Alon Business Center.

We remind you, that in accordance with the Ministries of Health and Transportation guidelines, it is mandatory to wear a face mask in every ride and not use any public transportation line if having illness symptoms.

Moovit is updated with the latest changes released by the Ministry of Transportation.


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Safe travels 🙂

The Moovit Team