Public Transport Fare Changes

January 3, 2024

    As of 1 January 2024, public transport fares in Victoria increased by a weighted average of 5 per cent, in line with the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) rise.

    The daily full fare cap increased to $10.60 or $5.30 for concessions. On a weekend or public holiday, daily fares remained capped at $7.20 or $3.60 for concessions.

    The increase added 60 cents to the full fare daily Zone 1, Zone 1+2 metropolitan fares, and the regional fare cap. The regional fare cap ensures that fares across regional Victoria continue to be capped at the same amount as metropolitan daily fares.

    For regional Victorians, the cost of getting around town increased. The full fare regional town bus two-hour fare increased by 20 cents to $2.80 and daily fare increased by 40 cents to $5.60.

    Public transport fares contribute to the ongoing operation of the trains, trams and buses on our network and ensure we network can continue to deliver a fair and sustainable service for all Victorians.

    Metropolitan fares overview

    myki Money

    Zone/s2 hoursDailyWeekend daily cap
        Full FareConcessionFull FareConcessionFull FareConcession

    myki Pass

    Zone/s7 Day myki Pass28-325* Day myki Pass
    (per day)
        Full FareConcessionFull FareConcession

    Regional fares overview

    myki Money

    Travel between Zone 1 and2 hoursDaily
        Full FareConcessionFull FareConcession
    Zone 2$5.30$2.65$10.60$5.30
    Zone 3$9.00$4.50$10.60$5.30
    Zone 4 to Zone 15$10.60$5.30$10.60$5.30

    myki Pass

    Zone/s7 Day myki Pass28-325* Day myki Pass
    (per day)
        Full FareConcessionFull FareConcession
    1 to 15$53.00$26.50$6.36$3.18


    Number of Zones travelled* 7 Day myki Pass28-325* Day myki Pass (per day)
    *excluding Zone 1Full FareConcessionFull FareConcession
    5 to 14$53.00$26.50$6.36$3.18
    Source: PTV