Fast Track This Week – F,G

September 12, 2016

    FASTRACK is a subway maintenance, cleaning, and repair program that shuts down segments of a subway line for several hours over consecutive weeknights, allowing our employees to perform a number of critical maintenance jobs. The line shutdown approach has proven successful in that, under normal conditions in our 24/7 system, the scope and breadth of this important work would be impossible to accomplish with customers and trains moving through work areas. Thus far, since FASTRACK began in 2012, the results have had a positive impact on service with a reduction in train delays and a decrease in the number of track fires, while realizing cost efficiencies and a lower accident rate for employees.

    FASTRACK begins weeknights at 11:15 PM and ends 5 AM the next morning. This service change will run for one week from September 12 – September 16 nightly, ending Friday morning.
    Read on for more information.

    No F line icon G line icon service at Bergen St, Carroll St, Smith-9 Sts, 4 Av-9 St, 15 St-Prospect Park, and
    Fort Hamilton Pkwy
    No G line icon trains between Church Av and Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts
    Bus Icon
    Free shuttle buses and A line iconF line icon trains provide alternate service.

    How will trains operate?

    F line icon trains run express between Jay St-MetroTech and Church Av in both directions.
    Trains stop at 7 Av.

    G line icon service operates in two sections as follows:
    1. Between Court Sq and Bedford-Nostrand Avs.
    2. Between Bedford-Nostrand Avs and Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts
    • To continue your trip, transfer at Bedford-Nostrand Avs.

    Travel alternatives:

    Bus Icon Free shuttle buses operate between Jay St-MetroTech and Church Av, stopping at Bergen St, Carroll St, Smith-9 Sts,4 Av-9 St, 7 Av, 15 StProspect Park, and Fort Hamilton Pkwy.

    • Transfer between G line icon and A line icon trains at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts.
    • Transfer between A line icon and F line icon trains at Jay St-MetroTech.
    • Transfer between free shuttle buses and F line icon trains at Jay St-MetroTech, 7 Av, or Church Av.