Take the Fast Track to becoming an Ambassador for your city

August 22, 2016

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    If you’re a public transport enthusiast and have always wanted to contribute more to your surroundings then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a Fast Track Program that enables you to obtain the skills required to join our group of esteemed volunteer global Community Ambassadors.

    What are Community Ambassadors?
    The Moovit Community Ambassadors are a special group of top contributors, personally selected to represent their communities, and vetted through a full application process. They play a central role in their building and maintaining public transport data for their cities. In addition to this, they mentor and moderate new members of the Community, spread the word about their mapping activities, organize social events for their fellow editors, and test the app and help to localize it for their city. In return for their dedication to improving the public transport experience for one and all, they receive special status within the Community, are featured in our monthly newsletter, hear about new app features first, build their leadership skills, can receive recommendation letters for professional growth, may be asked to represent their communities at press events, and of course receive surprise goodies from us!

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    What is the Fast Track Program?
    The Fast Track Program provides passionate newcomers to the Community with the relevant skills they’ll need to represent their city as a volunteer Community Ambassador. We’ve designed a 6 week program with 4 small weekly tasks and 2 weeks of menteeship that will prepare you for the leading role you will take as a Community Ambassador. With successful completion of the Fast Track Program, you are exempt from the traditional Ambassador application process

    We’ll guide you through the following steps to becoming a local expert and representative of your city.

    The Fast Track Program Summary
    Each week requires you to spare around 2 hours of your week for the following activities. This is similar to the expected amount of time required of our Ambassadors.

    Week 1: Hands on – experience mapping and editing routes in your city using the Moovit Community Editor (MCE).
    Week 2: Connect the dots – by understanding how the information you’re creating on the MCE is transformed onto the app
    Week 3: Mentor – others by learning how to apply the best practices for moderating new editors
    Week 4: Engage – your current Community and attract new members to join

    Menteeship phase
    Following the learning phase, we’ll match you with a current Community Ambassador to help you practice your newly acquired skills so you can benefit from their experience too.

    Becoming an official Ambassador
    Once you’ve completed the Fast Track Program, you will attend a video call with a member of the Moovit Community Team to be officially accepted as an Ambassador. Together you will discuss the future plans for your city and your personal goals for the Community Ambassador Program.

    Is the Fast Track Program for me?
    If you’ve been looking for an enjoyable way to contribute to your local environment, if you’re a public transport user, if you like being part of the shareconomy, if you want to hone your leadership skills, if you can spare 10 hours a month… then the Fast Track Program is for you.


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    The photos used on this page are taken from just 1 Moovit Community Ambassador Event in June 2016. Moovit brought together a dedicated group of Ambassadors from their home cities across Brazil to Rio De Janerio to enjoy a day of bonding, city exploration, and good food.

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