From Bus Rider to Community Leader

November 26, 2015


    This month we are shining the spotlight on our amazing Community member, Joe from Knoxville, Tennessee. He joined the Moovit Community Editor at the end of August and impressively, before the end of October, had mapped all of his city.

    Joe may be retired, but it does not stop him from staying busy! In addition to his time spent mapping all of Knoxville’s public transportation to help bring Moovit to his city, Joe is an avid reader and online chess player, and likes to explore his city and learn about people by visiting different estate and yard sales.

    Joe rides the bus everyday, and after a long search for an app that could provide him with the information needed to improve his journeys, he discovered Moovit and the Community. The Moovit Community Editor afforded Joe the opportunity to add his city’s public transport information to the app for not only his own use, but also equally as important to him, the rest of Knoxville’s residents and visitors as well. Joe stayed motivated by the knowledge that his contributions would help so many others.

    Joe was very pleased by the mapping platform and not shy when it came to speaking with the Moovit Community Team. He explained to us about his time in the MCE, “It is really a great program and all my questions were answered really quickly.”* He enjoyed the mapping process so much, he spent sometimes more than 5 and a half hours in a day mapping his city. Now that’s dedication!

    Even after Knoxville’s addition to the app, Joe continues to make regular updates, especially to ensure the weekly bus schedule changes for football season are always correct. He stays in continual contact with the Community Team, guaranteeing that the best information is always available on the app for all the users of public transit.

    We’re proud to have Joe as part of the global Moovit Community and thank him for all his contributions and commitment to helping his community.

    *Moovit Community Editor