Gerard Gives Back

July 25, 2017

    Gerard RESIZED (2)

    Gerard is an example of dedication to community service. Beyond his engagement in the Mooviter Community he also works for the Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua (BCASA). BCASA manages the water systems of Barcelona. His work includes overseeing everything from supplying fire trucks with the water, to ensuring the ornamental fountains like the world-renowned Montjuïc of Barcelona,, have the sufficient water to continue inspiring awe. When he is not at work, Gerard enjoys getting out of the city and riding his bike in the mountains. He, also, considers himself to be a Whovian (a Dr. Who enthusiast.) –any other Whovians out there?

    He began with Moovit after receiving a notification about an opportunity to join the community a few years ago. His first project was in Barcelona helping to correct schedules for one of the local transit agencies. Since Gerard’s first project, his efforts have expanded into Tarragona, Lleida, Madrid, and Valencia and other towns.

    Gerard’s favorite part of being involved with the Mooviter community is meeting and collaborating with the other ambassadors. He participated in the Mooviters Without Borders mapping event where many ambassadors collaborated remotely to map Barbados. Moovit Without Borders is an initiative to help improve mobility in parts of the world that have public transportation, but lack the technology to integrate it into a platform for consumers.

    Gerard’s pride for his collaboration with Moovit has motivated multiple TV appearances. Last year, during the Mooviter Ambassador Meet-Up in Madrid, Gerard was featured on one of Spain’s national channels, TV 3, at primetime alongside fellow ambassadors Marcos, and Patricia. He discussed his passion for improving local public transportation, using the Editor to map, and reassured his audience that they too could become Mooviters. Their TV appearance fueled a spike in in-app activity and organic downloads, as well.

    In addition to the mapping he does in the Editor, and promoting Moovit on a national scale, he focuses on growing the number of Mooviters in Spain. He supports new community members, and helps them learn how to map, where to find the data they need, and how to improve upon the existing data. Thank you, Gerard, for all of your contributions!