A Daily Dose of the Greek Community

January 26, 2016

    We would like to take this opportunity to present to you two extremely special Community members in Greece. Konstantinos is a University student in the city of Ioannina, one of the largest cities in Greece, and Akis is a passionate contributor for Athens.

    When we asked Konstantinos how he became involved in the Community he told us, “I saw that Moovit offered very good public transit information in other places and it was something my city really needed, I saw the call to help bring Moovit to my city and so I started mapping.” Akis joined the Moovit Community for different, but nonetheless valid, reasons, “I wanted to talk to other app users and discuss improvements of the data, so I joined in August 2015.” He told us.

    Konstantinos and Akis have become extremely active contributors, both sign in to add and edit information on the Moovit Community Editor daily. When asked what inspires Akis to contribute so avidly, he recounted, “I connect with the Moovit Team on most of the changes I want to make, I even speak with the Greek Community Manager daily and I especially like that I have the opportunity to correct timetables.” Konstantinos has a unique and effective approach to the editing Community, “If I ever spot a problem on the app, whenever I’m traveling in the city on public transport, I note it down and then at the first opportunity I enter the Moovit Community Editor and correct it.”

    Akis and Konstantinos come from differing ends of Greece, but both men’s comprehension of the Community mission is profound. When asked about why he participates in the Community, Konstantinos explained, “It is important to collaborate, to keep in mind that we are doing this for the benefit of our city. You’re not just helping yourself, but benefitting those around you.” Akis highlighted another aspect of the Community, when he described his communication with other Community members and the Team, “Everyone has such positive energy when we are discussing improvements, which is important for me to continue contributing.”

    When Konstantinos completed mapping his city he told us about his proudest moment, it was “…when I saw the phrase We are excited to introduce Moovit in Ioannina on the Play Store.” We would like to congratulate Konstantinos for his valiant efforts in adding his city to the app; he mapped over 120 trips and thanks to him, more than 100,000 people now have access to the service. Since Akis joined the Community he has updated more than two-thirds of the city’s routes, ensuring that the app users in Athens can travel with peace of mind. Both editors should feel extremely proud of their dedication, not only to the Community but moreover, to Greek society.